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Saturday, February 28, 2015

616 - a new novel set in Woodbury

There's a new book out in middle Tennessee set in the small town of Woodbury called 616. It's by local authors Denise Barrett Caffey and Kim Davenport.

Is a very interesting book about the supernatural. Not like the booooo Halloween witchcraft supernatural, but the supernatural gifts of God, most often known as the gifts of the Spirit. That's the Holy Spirit of God, the giver of the biblical gifts of God. But don't let that hold you back. It's not a pushy book. Not at all.

To give you a brief synopsis, three young women, lifelong friends in Woodbury, Tennessee, a small town, fight evil. The only thing is, it's not your supermarket run-of-the-mill corruption that's usually found in a small town. Or at least not any small town that I've ever seen.

First-there's Holy Joe or the Mayor. At the beginning, you're introduced to this man who thinks he's the king of the small town. But then the book goes back in time and picks up at the childhood he had. Which might be a really big reason he asks like he does. I never had to live through anything like that and I'm glad.

Then next you will find a black man by the name of Jabber. Now old Jabber's got problems of his own. A Vietnam War veteran, he had things to happen in his life were out of his control.

And then you've got Moss, Erin and Blue. They are the three young women who the story revolves around. Where the book is so, so much like a horror novel, you get the three young women who will knock your socks off they are so funny, which is a great diversion. What's funny is that Moss makes Moonshine. As a side, there is actually a place that makes moonshine in Woodbury, on Short Mountain named Short Mountain Distillery.

By the way, the cross on the cover is actually in the courthouse yard in Woodbury.

When you get to the last page of the book, it leaves you wanting more. The only thing is this is the first in a series and you will have to wait until August to read what happens next for the girls. Because that's when the sequel comes out. I can't tell you the significance of the name or I would be spoiling the plot for you. Just look at the classification that the book is under, thriller. This book is a real thriller and you will not be able to put it down. It's just $3.99 for your kindle or for your nook.

The authors Denise Caffey and Kim Davenport are going to be doing a book signing at the Cannon County Arts Center in Woodbury on March 14.


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