Smithville Fiddler's Jamboree

Bluegrass fiddler's championship held each year in Smithville, Tennessee, people come from all around to hear that fiddlin' sound.

Music City, USA

In and around Nashville are some of the most fertile lands for music in the US of A.

Main Street LIVE

Enjoy the summer lights and sounds of Main Street, in McMinnville, Tennessee

Tennessee Concerts

Summer time is concert time in Tennessee, Contemporary Christian music to old time Rock and Roll.

One of many summer concerts...

There's nothing like summer in Middle Tennessee, listing to great music under the lights!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Collins River BBQ

Looking for a place to eat some of the best BBQ and a place to listen to music? Collins River is located uptown in McMinnville, TN. Unique BBQ pork on a stick is excellent and they have a potato salad that is more like a stuffed baked potato all mixed up and is delicious, actually called Loaded Potato Salad. Here's their menu: Here's their facebook page link: Downstairs they have a large dining room and upstairs is where the music is played. Brick on the wall, unique decorations, it's a must visit, especially when music is played. "Friend" them on Facebook to find their specials and who's playing. It's very affordable, too!

Joe Harvey Band

The Joe Harvey Band recently played at the McMinnville VFW the Friday after Thanksgiving. If you were there, you got to hear 14,400,000 milliseconds of YAM POWERED ROCK & ROLL. "This year we're reaching deep into the JHB covers catalog and pulling out some tunes that the last time we played them, Joe didn't have a beard." He has a beard and a true rock sound with a hard hitting band behind them. Worth the money, if you get the chance to see them, GO.

Out and Runnin

Making bluegrass out of contemporary songs is one of the specialties of the band, Out and Runnin. Listening to the song, Ain't No Sunshine, makes you think that's the way the song should have been played all along, as they take their own sound and wind it around making the old song rise from the ashes. So the person new to bluegrass will have something they can also recognize and appreciate.

This band from nearby Lynchburg is funky and fun. Playing alternative bluegrass, this band will tickle your ears and make you smile with a little something for everyone.


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