Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tater Box Cafe

The Tater Box Café is a family owned business with family recipes located in the Hoodoo Community in Coffee County. If you are looking for food, they have it, and as their name implies, they have some great taters. My favorite is their french fried SWEET taters, crunchy little tater strips to die for.

But one of the best things they have is free music on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Tater Box family is multi-talented and pride themselves on the history of  the quaint restaurant and the good food they serve. Their family was raised on Hoodoo Road and they honor their heritage with the names of different menus items, such as our Hoodoo Homerun and their Oneida Special, a sandwich that was named in the memory of Oneida Phelps, the owner of Phelps Grocery.

It's a great place for good food, but go to enjoy the music.

Get the calendar here.


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