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Bluegrass fiddler's championship held each year in Smithville, Tennessee, people come from all around to hear that fiddlin' sound.

Music City, USA

In and around Nashville are some of the most fertile lands for music in the US of A.

Main Street LIVE

Enjoy the summer lights and sounds of Main Street, in McMinnville, Tennessee

Tennessee Concerts

Summer time is concert time in Tennessee, Contemporary Christian music to old time Rock and Roll.

One of many summer concerts...

There's nothing like summer in Middle Tennessee, listing to great music under the lights!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

616 - a new novel set in Woodbury

There's a new book out in middle Tennessee set in the small town of Woodbury called 616. It's by local authors Denise Barrett Caffey and Kim Davenport.

Is a very interesting book about the supernatural. Not like the booooo Halloween witchcraft supernatural, but the supernatural gifts of God, most often known as the gifts of the Spirit. That's the Holy Spirit of God, the giver of the biblical gifts of God. But don't let that hold you back. It's not a pushy book. Not at all.

To give you a brief synopsis, three young women, lifelong friends in Woodbury, Tennessee, a small town, fight evil. The only thing is, it's not your supermarket run-of-the-mill corruption that's usually found in a small town. Or at least not any small town that I've ever seen.

First-there's Holy Joe or the Mayor. At the beginning, you're introduced to this man who thinks he's the king of the small town. But then the book goes back in time and picks up at the childhood he had. Which might be a really big reason he asks like he does. I never had to live through anything like that and I'm glad.

Then next you will find a black man by the name of Jabber. Now old Jabber's got problems of his own. A Vietnam War veteran, he had things to happen in his life were out of his control.

And then you've got Moss, Erin and Blue. They are the three young women who the story revolves around. Where the book is so, so much like a horror novel, you get the three young women who will knock your socks off they are so funny, which is a great diversion. What's funny is that Moss makes Moonshine. As a side, there is actually a place that makes moonshine in Woodbury, on Short Mountain named Short Mountain Distillery.

By the way, the cross on the cover is actually in the courthouse yard in Woodbury.

When you get to the last page of the book, it leaves you wanting more. The only thing is this is the first in a series and you will have to wait until August to read what happens next for the girls. Because that's when the sequel comes out. I can't tell you the significance of the name or I would be spoiling the plot for you. Just look at the classification that the book is under, thriller. This book is a real thriller and you will not be able to put it down. It's just $3.99 for your kindle or for your nook.

The authors Denise Caffey and Kim Davenport are going to be doing a book signing at the Cannon County Arts Center in Woodbury on March 14.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Woodbury - Cover Band in Murfreesboro, TN

The find of the week! Woodbury Cover Band.

Checking out this band's Facebook page, I found they are a very good band and totally worth a mention. When they say they are All Genres, that's what they mean. They featured one of my faves: House of the Rising Sun. Check them out. The link to their Facebook page is at the bottom.
Band members are Matt Ward - Vocals, Tyler Tipton - Drums, Daniel Campbell - Rhythm Guitar/Mandolin, Brian Morton - Lead Guitar, Nick Sherrod - Bass Guitar, Michael Waggoner - Keyboard.

Their hometown is Woodbury, TN. They are a band that originally started playing together six years ago in -- you guessed it -- Woodbury, Tennessee! They play it all.

They like Matchbox 20, Hootie & The Blowfish, Creed, Jimi Hendrix, Chris Young, Goo Goo Dolls, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Luke Bryan, Incubus, Shinedown.

They were influenced by Black Crowes, Johnny Cash, Weezer, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Staind, Tom Petty.

You can reach them at 615-943-9433.

Check them out on Facebook:

Winter in Middle Tennessee

Hello all! This is the Music Hunter and I will be telling everyone about what's going on in the Middle Tennessee area that might be of interest. We will be reviewing music groups (sorry, but our favorite would be country, bluegrass, traditional rock and roll and contemporary Christian. No apologies, it's just how it is!)

However we do make an exception to Big Smo as we LOVE BIG SMO!

No snow to speak of here in Middle Tennessee yet, but we're planning on reviewing and telling you about upcoming music festivals, groups, events, the arts, tractor pulls, rodeos and maybe a book review or two.

So just settle back and hit us once in a while to see what we've got in store for you! We're looking forward to the warm weather and outdoor concerts, but until then... We will just be dreaming of warmer weather.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Collins River BBQ

Looking for a place to eat some of the best BBQ and a place to listen to music? Collins River is located uptown in McMinnville, TN. Unique BBQ pork on a stick is excellent and they have a potato salad that is more like a stuffed baked potato all mixed up and is delicious, actually called Loaded Potato Salad. Here's their menu: Here's their facebook page link: Downstairs they have a large dining room and upstairs is where the music is played. Brick on the wall, unique decorations, it's a must visit, especially when music is played. "Friend" them on Facebook to find their specials and who's playing. It's very affordable, too!

Joe Harvey Band

The Joe Harvey Band recently played at the McMinnville VFW the Friday after Thanksgiving. If you were there, you got to hear 14,400,000 milliseconds of YAM POWERED ROCK & ROLL. "This year we're reaching deep into the JHB covers catalog and pulling out some tunes that the last time we played them, Joe didn't have a beard." He has a beard and a true rock sound with a hard hitting band behind them. Worth the money, if you get the chance to see them, GO.

Out and Runnin

Making bluegrass out of contemporary songs is one of the specialties of the band, Out and Runnin. Listening to the song, Ain't No Sunshine, makes you think that's the way the song should have been played all along, as they take their own sound and wind it around making the old song rise from the ashes. So the person new to bluegrass will have something they can also recognize and appreciate.

This band from nearby Lynchburg is funky and fun. Playing alternative bluegrass, this band will tickle your ears and make you smile with a little something for everyone.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tennessee Mafia Jug Band

Playing classic hillbilly music, the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band features the talents of "Lonesome" Lester Armistead, jug; Leroy Troy, banjo; David "Ferg" Ferguson, bass fiddle; Dan Kelly, fiddle; and Mike Armistead, guitar.

These guys liven up any stage in the state of Tennessee on any given weekend and have played in such places from the Grand Ole Opry, to the Arts Center in Cannon County. Their tour this year though takes them all over the US, even as far as Canada.

The latest CD, Screams From The Holler was just released on March 30th. Right now, they're kicking off a mini tour to promote the new CD. It includes such favorites as the Wabash Cannonball, Frankie & Johnnie, Kansas City Star, Highborn Gal, Bed Of Roses, I’m Alone Again, Sick, Sober & Sorry and Country Boy.

Not on the free list, but on the not expensive list as far as tickets go, they are worth the money it costs to go and see them.

Their extreme country antics, from authentic country dress to authentic bluegrass music are worth watching and will generally keep you in stitches from the beginning to the end. These guys will keep your foot a-tappin' and your heart happy.

They're outstanding playing with Marty Stewart and one of my all-time favorites, Whoa Mule Whoa.

Also see the Opry's site: and their site:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tater Box Cafe

The Tater Box Café is a family owned business with family recipes located in the Hoodoo Community in Coffee County. If you are looking for food, they have it, and as their name implies, they have some great taters. My favorite is their french fried SWEET taters, crunchy little tater strips to die for.

But one of the best things they have is free music on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Tater Box family is multi-talented and pride themselves on the history of  the quaint restaurant and the good food they serve. Their family was raised on Hoodoo Road and they honor their heritage with the names of different menus items, such as our Hoodoo Homerun and their Oneida Special, a sandwich that was named in the memory of Oneida Phelps, the owner of Phelps Grocery.

It's a great place for good food, but go to enjoy the music.

Get the calendar here.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thunder Creek to perform at Main Street LIVE!

Well it's official! Thunder Creek will be playing Main Street LIVE on Friday June 29th. It will be a totally different show from last year, so says Brian Vinson, one of the singers of the group. Personally, I can't wait.

Thunder Creek is a group located in McMinnville Tennessee who play Billboard music from the 60's, 70's and 80's, but mostly 70's.. You can catch them playing at different venues in and around Warren County, at the VFW along with Main Street LIVE. 

If you haven't seen them, this is a group to watch!. Here's their Facebook page.

Members are Nicky Bouldin-lead guitar, vocals; Steve Harvey-rhythm and lead guitar, vocals ; Dale Davis-keyboards, Billy Wood-drums, Alec Davis-bass guitar, Brian Vinson-vocals, and Lisa Davis-vocals.

Hard Drive

Lonnie Jones & Hard Drive at Larry's Grand Ole Garage & Bluegrass , 2010

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday night of each month multiple bluegrass bands and performers from the Nashville area play at Larry's Grand Ole Garage & Bluegrass Music Park located in Madison, Tennessee.

Most nights you will hear bluegrass bands Lonnie Jones & Hard Drive,Southbound and Sunny Mountain Bluegrasss.

Additional Nashville area bluegrass bands, like Leipers Fork Bluegrass, Uncut Grass, Southern Flavor, Runaway Freight, Mixt Company, Mile 5 andFade2Blue Bluegrass, drop in and play from time to time, as well as performers Daniel Rothwell, Bill Hassell, Tuck, and Jack & Betty Whitman.

OPEN bluegrass Jam Sessions, Larry's Grand Ole Garage

Open Bluegrass Jam Sessions at Larry's Grand Ole Garage, 2nd, 4th and 5th Saturday nights starting at 6:30 p.m. Every Tuesday night starting at 6:00 p.m. You can bring your bluegrass instrument and join in, novices welcome. No telling who you might find at one of these gatherings!

Check it out here:

April 14, 2012, McMinnville, Bud Goodwin Bluegrass Festival

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUD GOODWIN BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL, DATE: April 14, 2012, TIME: TBA, LOCATION: Warren County High School. I haven't been to this one, but sounds like a lot of fun.


Welcome to the best site for upcoming free and inexpensive music events in and around Middle Tennessee! If you like bluegrass, country, rock, Christian events, check back often and see what we have to offer.



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